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Beef 101 Day -Huston Ranch     Treating Cattle



Cattle Rancher - Lee Holtmeier DVM - Garrett Stewart
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The gun worked superbly! In fact we have already ordered more pesticide from Valley Vet.  One of the many assets was efficiency. We administered fly control on 25 head in one pasture and I would guess it took no more than 15 minutes! 
Douglas M. Huston / President, Huston Contracting, Inc.
Tommy Riley, ranch manager of Simmons Ranch in Burnet, TX, likes the prospect of the delivery system for their herd. He says you can lay down the feed for the herd, then drive back by and “zap” the cattle while they’re grazing. “It will be easier than running them through pens and it’s less stressful in the summer heat,” said Riley.
Tom Riley / Manager Simmons Ranch / Burnett, TX
The ease of use is also important to Bobby Pirkle. As both a 4th generation rancher and a territory manager for a leading animal health distributor, he values the efficacy of AiM-L from several perspectives. When he’s on the road making a living, his wife and two daughters run the ranch. Recently, one daughter noted a cow in a remote pasture that needed relief from horn flies. In the past, she would have had to wait for help to move the animal to a pen for treatment. Instead, she used the VetGun applicator and applied a relieving treatment on the spot. “You can watch tail and head activity of cattle being harassed by the flies,” said Pirkle. “Then you administer AiM-L VetCaps, and within half an hour there will be an 80-90 percent change in activity. They’re back to grazing and are more comfortable after treatment.”
Bobby Pirkle / 4th Generation Rancher & Territory Manager, Leading Animal Health Distributor.
Well this part of the country we have a fly problem, to get rid of that fly problem there are several ways to do it. But when you get old you either have to beg your neighbours into helping you or hire help to control the flies, so you're looking for something you can do by yourself while you're checking the cattle. To use pour-ons you have to gather the cows up and run them through the chute and it's hard to do by yourself. I'm like most of the farmers and ranchers- I'm getting older and the older you get, the less you want to get your cattle up and run them through the chute, especially by yourself, it's nearly impossible to do. With this system, you can do it without even getting out of the ATV. You can do it by yourself while you're checking the cows, you won't even have to make as special trip and you're looking for something that is easier that will work. If you can just shoot them out in the field and take care of the fly problem then that's what you'll do. You won't bring them up and run them through the chute. It doesn't do any good to have a system that's too complicated or too hard to use. You have to have something you can do by yourself and not too hard to do. With this (vetGun), it was very easy to treat the cattle, that makes all the difference in the world. 
Arlin Martin / Arlin Martin Ranch / Missouri.